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What is flocking? It is a coating of nylon fibres applied using electrostatics.

Why do WRC cars have flocked dashes? The nylon fibres embeded end on in correct electrostatic flocking absorb the light giving it great anti glare properties. This ensures that no matter how much sunshine, from any angle, the reflection of the dash is not seen in the windscreen.

What can be flocked? Pretty much any non-porous material can be flocked.

Why do you need electrostatics? The 60,000v electrostatic charge propels the fibre end on into the adhesive. Without the static charge the coating would be un-durable and shed its fibres. It would also be un-uniform, patchy and not have the same anti glare properties.

Is it water proof? Yes, the nylon fibres are waterproof and so is the special adhesive. We have coated interior roof linings for the boat building industry where water resistance is always a requirement.

How durable is the finish? The finish is very durable. Many OE manufacturers use it in glove compartments and boot interiors for this reason. The nylon fibres are very hard wearing. Suffolk Flocking Services also use a special two-part epoxy adhesive to ensure ultimate durability so that no fibres will be shed over time.

How do I clean my flocked dash? The best way to clean your dash is with a hoover using a brush attachment. If you spill something on it, warm water and a cloth can be used to remove it.

Can I send you my parts? Yes, a large majority of our customers tend to post/courier their parts to us. To give you an indication of cost if you are thinking about posting a dashboard, it usually costs 12 by Royal Mail Parcels. Free return courier delivery is always included if required for every part that we coat.

Can I drop off / collect my parts? You are welcome to drop off or collect any parts if you live locally. To avoid disappointment please give us a call the day before to ensure we will not be out.

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